"I AM BRAINIAC" - Brain Acceleration Program is one of the Right Brain Development Course(RBDC) for Secondary School students and students in tertiary education. RBDC is a foundational course aimed to help students develop an independent study ability, which will prepare them to study ready, work ready and life ready.
In this 6 hours course, students will be able to grasp hold of straightforward memory techniques to memorize a myriad of information relevant to their field of study. For example, key definitions in Science. Throughout the course, students will learn to discover their true memory capabilities and be taught how to utilize their memory prowess to aid them in effective memorizing.
Nevertheless, students will be provided with comprehensive materials, which will help them in mastering the distinctive techniques almost effortlessly. Students will be encouraged to put on their thinking caps and put their skills to a real test. Filled in an enriching environment, students will be able to absorb these information handily.
Last but not least, students will be accompanied by a fully experienced trainer to assist them in their learning journey and resolve misunderstandings.  

Course Fee:$360/pax

Training materials are provided

About the Class

  • Age Requirement: 
    P3-P6,Secondary,ITE, Polytechnic, Junior College & University Students

  • Average Class Size: 10

What You'll Learn

In a one day workshop (6 hours/day), you will learn:

  • Advance Memory Techniques

  • Personal Memory Systems

  • Enhanced Imagination and Creativity

  • Stronger Memory Retention

  • Manipulation Techniques

  • Application in Academic Studies