Excel in Chinese with Memory Techniques

Class Description

Excel in Chinese with memory techniques is a unique enrichment course designed for students who want to strengthen their Chinese Language Foundation and to further enhance their Chinese Language capability.

This methodology is the first-ever to be taught in Singapore. In this 6 hours course, students will also be able to discover the true potential of their memory capabilities and be taught how to apply easily absortable memory techniques to boost their learning experience with Chinese language.

Our Memory techniques can solve the following challenges faced by students:

      ·         Difficulty writing Chinese characters accurately

      ·         Uncertainty to the meaning of certain Chinese terms and idioms

      ·         Difficulty comprehending Chinese comprehension close

      ·         Difficulty comprehending written essays

  Course Fees: $360/pax

  About the Class

  Class Level: Beginner

  Age Requirement: Primary School & Secondary School Students

  Average Class Size: 10

  What You'll Learn

  In a one day workshop (6 hours/day), you will learn:

  Maximise brain capacity, enhance creativity and imagination

  Establish a memory system

  Ability to memorize 20 Chinese Idioms in 5 minutes

  Able to memorize 30 Chinese Wordings in 5 minutes

  Master the technique of memorizing Chinese Characters

  Adopt the techniques of memorizing Chinese Essays

  Develop a lifelong study ability applicable to many practical situations